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Streamlining stability

Bring together a group of engineers and one marketing guy with smart ideas, and there’s a recipe there for something interesting.

Kim Hansen

With a background in consultancy work in both oil & gas and fishing sectors, a trio of engineers have brought some new thinking to normally usually laborious process of producing stability booklets for fishing and other commercial vessels – making this a streamlined online process.

With a solid track record of engineering services behind them, including working on a project in Norway examining <15 metre fishing vessels, during which they produced 120 stability booklets as part of an assignment that gave them an insight into what could be done better, the four founders of GLO Marine set about making the process of getting a vessel’s stability book produced easier.

GLO Marine’s four founders at a trade exhibition / Los cuatro fundadores de GLO Marine en una feria comercial

The aim was to make this a digital process that could be done online, instead of the usual route of a consultant shuttling between the vessel’s owner and designer to pull together all the required information.

The Stability 15 portal they have developed utilises recognised commercial stability software, coupled to an intuitive interface for customers to do everything online, R&D director Liviu Galatanu said, explaining that streamlining the process is partly about the data input side of it – and partly about bringing everything together in a single package.

S15 is a portal to a completed stability booklet within three days / S15 es un portal diseñado para conseguir los cálculos de estabilidad en el plazo de tres días

‘There’s a lot of wasted time between the designer and the client, Usually the vessel’s owner needs to find a consultant, go through the process of proposals and quotes before work can start, and then it has to be fitted in around the consultant’s own staff and their schedules,’ he said.

'The client needs to have a stability booklet made, so they will normally send over a stack of documents that the consultant needs to work through, and every time there’s a question over some aspect or detail, that means calls and emails back and forth – and each one can be another day lost.’

GLO Marine’s approach is radically different, with everything done online.

Using the online tool requires just a few moments to set up and the entire process of entering the vessel data takes only fifteen minutes. Once the information is in place and the final button on the interface has been clicked, it’s a three day process before the client receives the completed stability documents.

GLO Marine’s Stability 15 tool provides a unique portal for stability calculations / La herramienta Stability 15 de GLO Marine aporta un portal único para realizar los cálculos de estabilidad

‘We aim to have every stability booklet turned around within three days. We’ve done everything to make it user-friendly. The user has a dashboard that shows progress – and it’s a very long way from the traditional way of going through contracts, proposals, quotes, purchase orders and all the other stages before work can start. This is very streamlined, and it’s semi-automated,’ he said, adding that each stability booklet is overseen by a single engineer, either in the company’s UK office, or at one of its offices in either Bucharest or the Romanian shipbuilding centre of Galati.

There is a change in mentality already taking place – and Liviu Galatanu commented that there are already shipyards that are paperless as all design and construction documentation is now electronic – but that change in mentality still has some way to go before becoming accepted on a widespread basis.

It’s very new, and a very new concept. People aren’t used to paying for engineering services online with a credit card or a bank transfer,’ said GLO Marine’s marketing director Radu Procop, the man tasked with raising awareness of the possibilities that Stability 15 offers vessel operators.

‘We do so much in our daily lives that’s online; shopping, banking and so much else. But for some reason, engineering services haven’t come that far,’ he said, pointing out that this is already changing, and that they intend to be established as this mentality shift becomes mainstream.